Monday, November 30, 2015

Building a Wargames Army, Part 8 - King James' Irish Foot Guards

Clarence Harrison - Yeah, remember this series (Type 'Building a Wargames Army' in the search bar above)? Hopefully updates will be a little more frequent, but as the WiP posts have shown I made progress on my Jacobite army. I actually painted twelve models in two days thanks to a long holiday weekend. It took me two months to paint the first six!

As I mentioned a while back, I used the Warfare Miniatures French guard infantry models for this unit. There is absolutely no evidence that they were clothed any better than the rest of the army, but as the king's guard I want them to stand out a bit so I employed wargamer's license to field them in fancy coats - they are my toys after all!

I plan to add pikes to this unit, but I am also going to paint up the second battalion and I want to start on them while I'm on a roll. Then I'll paint up the pike stands for both units in one go.

I am very pleased with how this unit turned out. I was a bit unhappy with some of the models while I was painting because I felt like I was doing a sloppy job. However, after muster and basing I am hard pressed to find the offenders... maybe they deserted in shame (or likely wound up in the second rank)!

Battalion number two is sorted and ready for assembly, but it may take a few weeks before they are ready as I am juggling lots of things at the moment (like the BLB/Donnybrook supplement these chaps might appear in)...

Sunday, November 29, 2015

King James' Royal Guard Regiment WiP

Clarence Harrison - Two stands down...

one to go - well, four to go because I need two battalions of these jokers, but I will consider it a victory to finish one!

Friday, November 27, 2015

King James' Royal Guard Regiment WiP

Clarence Harrison - Work in progress...

I have a long weekend thanks to the holiday and I am really hoping to finish this unit over the next few days...

Thursday, November 26, 2015

GNW Musketeers in detail: codes R01, R02, R03

These three codes offer various combinations of musketeers for your Russian battalions. Each code has five variants of body position and head.

They can be mixed to give a realistic effect or alternatively the combinations can be limited to produce a must more regimented look.

Code R01 is a pack of 'shooters'. Each pose is different but combined they produce a stunning firing line.

Code R02 has five interesting variations on 'loading' drill and non drill positions. mixing them together with R01 produces a wonderfully realistic battalion engaging the enemy.

Code R03 has the musketeers standing with a grounded musket. The head variants here could be combined with the firing line or alternatively used to create a battalion standing ready in the battle line.

Sunday, November 22, 2015


I couldn't believe it when Santa asked for minis for his Christmas!

Now, I took a detour during my last trip to Scandinavia and went north to meet Santa. He told me he was not fussed who won the Great Northern War because he is of indeterminate heritage!
What he WAS fussed about was ensuring good little boys and girls got plenty of Warfare Miniatures for Christmas!

Battalions can be all firing, firing and loading or ready

He persuaded me to

Release Russian GNW Battalion packs....

1. Full Firing line (2 x R1, 1 x R4, 1 x R5)
2. Firing and loading (1 x R1, 1 x R2, 1 x R4, 1 x R5)
3. Ready (2 x R3, 1 x R4, 1 x R5)

All battalions are £28.

He also persuaded me to offer FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE BIG WIDE WORLD until December 31st 2015 on figure orders greater than £60 in value ex postage.


These Swedes would look good on winter bases

Just click on the Christmas postage offer of £0.01 and these could be in your stocking on Christmas morning.

Swedish Life Guard

He is a great salesman that guy and getting him to pose for the picture took a lot of persuading believe me!

Moscow is that way!

Merry Christmas to each and every one!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Beneath the Lily Banners, CRISIS and the Alde Garde - a winning combo!

The French pursue their foes
Panorama of the Alde Garde table
Peter Lenders and his Dutch gaming group are regulars at CRISIS in Antwerp. On at least two occasions I have seen them put on a fine BLB game. This year's effort was grand in scale and excellent in quality.

Nassau Friesland Guards on the pontoon bridge

The large table saw a Grand Alliance Army retreating across a river whilst the pursuing legions attempted to trap an destroy them on the wrong side.

columns of pursuing French
There were many wonderful touches in the game besides the obvious attraction of large numbers of painted miniatures.

Games like this first attracted me to the period 23 years ago
The vignettes and humour which peppered the table added wonderful colour (literally in the case of the Milka cow!)

Nice scratch built defence works.
Peter's group always seem to find the time to game at the show  (a trick I wish someone would pass on to us).

Peter's piece d'resistance - a bovine chocolate bar
I saw him several times as he invoked the rare opportunity to have the rules author on the spot for some judgement calls! The infamous All or Nothing charge rule was the root of all evil  once again as multiple, multiple squadron regiments crashed headlong into each other on the table causing rout, destruction and pursuit chaos.
this was nice
I am currently in a review and reflection period for BLB and will soon be in a position to add further clarification to certain mechanisms such as this.

Warfare Miniatures's best selling wagon
In the meantime, sit back and enjoy these lovely pictures of the Alde Garde in action in Antwerp with Beneath the Lily Banners.

Another Warfare piece.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Historicon 2016

Clarence Harrison - Well, it is all but set in stone that Barry and I will be attending Historicon 2016. Vacation time has been scheduled, travel options are being considered, and plans are underway for a participation game of Beneath the Lily Banners that we will run at least once a day (and maybe twice depending on what else we get up to).

The theme for Historicon 2016 is 'Cavalry - Mounted Warfare Through the Ages'. Our game will feature the attack on Penny Burn Mill on April 21st, 1689 in which Captain Adam Murray led a sally from the walls of a besieged Derry in an attempt to clear lines of communication to the north of the city. There are various accounts of the battle and all do not agree on the details, force compositions, etc. but it is certain that the initial assault was carried out by several large formations of horse. Likewise, the Jacobite counter attack contained lots of mounted soldiers, including Galmoy's Regiment of Horse. You can expect to see piles of Warfare Horse scattered across the table!

We are still juggling the details and I'm sure things will evolve as we go forward, but all of it will be featured here (well, most of it - we're going to save a few surprises for July). We'll cover designing the scenario, some of the how's and why's to consider beyond man to model ratios when picking units, painting the models, building the terrain, vignettes, and anything else that comes up along the way.

I am looking forward to every aspect of this project - can you tell? It's still November right? We haven't been to Historicon since 2010 (which was a blast - see here). Is it too early to start getting ready? I don't think so - looking at my sketches for the table there is a lot of work to do, not to mention documenting it all for the blog!

Anyway, watch this space!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

A tale of two Lutzens - a gaming double take at Crisis

20mm - club unknown. Terrain beautiful

Crisis was a very busy day for Toggy and I but we both managed a couple of quick circuits of the halls at various points during the day.

Another view towards Lutzen

The contours were dramatic

Nice close in shot of the troops
Across the battlefield

It is an interesting experience because it provokes that same sensation I get when I visit Ireland - it feels very familiar and is yet fundamentally different at the same time. The appearance of many well known UK based gamers and traders creates the comfort feeling lulling you into perceiving it to be just another show on the calendar yet so many things look and feel different. 

Steve's 28mm big brother Lutzen
The venue, whilst far from luxurious is unique and quirky. The catering smells wafting down the halls from 0800 are both un-British and tempting! Parking at the very edge of the Scheldt made both my wife and Toggy insist I double checked the handbrake!

Tough day at the office for someone
People are drinking wine and beer at the gaming tables. There are many international voices all around. Many of the traders have very large stands. Some of the games are really different and there are many hobby based activity sessions such as painting clinics and even sculpting demonstrations happening all around.

Nice burning buildings effect.
Two versions of the TYW epic Lutzen caught my eye. One was a neat 20mm, plastic figure version on extremely attractive terrain, the other was a 28mm epic run by Steve and his chums from Somerset. I spent some time talking with the travelling Wessex men and enjoyed their efforts very much. Nice guys, great table and lovely figures.


The Alt Garde had a very impressive Beneath the Lily Banners game running in which a fighting retreat was being enacted. Pleasingly for me there were several Warfare Miniatures on the table. Peter Lenders and his friends always put on a very impressive table and it was nice to talk with him about the All or Nothing charge rule!

impressive real estate.

That game will feature in a further post about Crisis.

Love those guns!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

GNW Russian Command pack in detail

R05 Russian Command
This has turned out to be the most picture rich post in the entire history of the blog. I make no apologies for that!

I will let the sculpting speak for itself with this pack. Clibinarium has really caught the spirit on the emerging superpower with these officers.
Colonel's colour Preobrajenskoi Guards

They look haughty, proud and defiant in the face of the aggressors from the west.
The Colonel

It is clear that any of the three senior officers could be given a pole arm as colonel of a regiment. This first iteration is pretty pleasing though.
The sergeant

Russian sashes are striking and basically an extended scarf type version of the national flag. In contrast to the rather plainly dressed Swedish officers I chose to festoon the Russians in lace and finery. This works very well.
The Drummer

I have been asked a lot about the dark green colour which I have used with the Russians. It is a combination beginning with Workshop Dark Angels Green mixed with a little black.
Battalion Colour

This is followed by Dark Angels Green mixed with a little Vallejo Flat Green. The highlight is mostly Flat Green with some Dark Angels Green mixed in.

At no point was white or yellow introduced. This was a totally 'green' operation!

The drummer has extra lace painted on the coat which is very easy to do. The wings are of course part of the sculpt.

I chose to flag these models with the standards of the Preobrajenskoi Guard Regiment. Some sources state their waistcoats, breeches and socks were also in green.

I  will probably re do the unit with this combination but leave the command stand as is.

I  have deployed my half hex command stand principle on these GNW units and think that was the right choice.

More detailed work shots coming up for the rest of the Russian sculpts soon.

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