Thursday, February 26, 2015

GNW range NEWS FLASH! - Available now

We are finally in a position to be able to offer the first 16 codes from the new Warfare Miniatures Great Northern War range. These codes are ready to ship now.

These will be followed by a further 4 codes by available to preorder by March 31 and available to ship by mid April.

The range is outstanding in terms of anatomy and animation and represents the finest work Clibinarium was done on behalf of Warfare Miniatures.

Pikemen have separate swords. Musketeers have separate arms and bayonet frog/ hanger. Officers and sergeants also have separate swords and polearms. By the end of April 2015 100 individual and distinct Swedish infantry variants will be available.

Pack price is £8.50 for 5 infantry models.

The Russians are coming too!

Friday, February 20, 2015

GNW Range Figure feature - Drummers!

Since painting the spectacular charging drummer in karpus I thought it would be a nice idea to feature the three drummers already painted. We now have 6 drummers sculpted giving the listed options;

Charging in karpus
Charging in tricorne
Marching in karpus
Marching in tricorne
Standing in karpus
Standing in tricorne

The Swedes did not seem to use the reverse colour dress option for their drummers som I have given these models nice lace trim which is well defined on the sculpts.

The Karpus chappie is a real gem and the detail of both uniform and drum are very easy to paint.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Building a Wargames Army, Part 6 - Lord Dongan's Dragoons

Clarence Harrison - Here's my second regiment of dismounted dragoons...

I realized while cleaning up that one of the little buggers is camera shy. There are actually ten models in this unit! Later this year Warfare will release mounted dragoons and horse holder sets and I will revisit both of my dragoon units to add mounted versions. I think I am going to mount them individually as well and just add squadron movement trays so I can use them for Donnybrook.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Warfare Miniatures H003 Highlanders with matchlock muskets

H003 Highlanders with matchlock muskets
Not all Highlanders had broadsword and target or Lochaber axes. Many will have been equipped with muskets and after the out at Killiecrankie many more probably picked up muskets from the Williamite dead.
Firing variant 1
These models could be used as far back as the Civil War and as far forward as the 1719 Jacobite Uprising.
Ready variant 1
The poses and interesting variants on the theme of man with firearm in plaid.Having such figures in small and discreet units or mixed in with more traditionally armed Highlanders offers an extra dimension.
rear view detail
In skirmish games on a 1 for 1 basis entire units of Highland musketeers could be deployed which is a fine sight.
Firing variant 2
nice detail of the slung target on his back
Designed by Steve Shaw, I am proud to have this code in the Warfare range!
Get ready! - They Billy Connolly figure as Steve call him

Variant 2 of this pose

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Warfare Miniatures H004 Highlanders with mixed weapons

This is the second 'Standing Ready' code for the Highlanders. The group has mixed weapons - Lochaber axes and matchlock muskets.

All wear full plaid. The simple check pattern paint jobs are I feel much more representative that the more complex tartans which followed in the 19th century.

These men are local warriors turning out for their Chief, King or Prince. They could fight for the Stuarts, The House of Orange or of Hannover. They may even fight for Parliament if deployed in the Civil War period.

Steve designed these with solid hands in order to make a secure grip on the weapons. 20 seconds with a pin drill will give adequate access for the pole arm.

Alba go bragh!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Building a Wargames Army 101, Part 5 - Lord Clare's Dragoons

Clarence Harrison - Yeah, I know this is cheating. I actually painted these guys last year, but they are part of this army...

I intend to paint a mounted version and horse holder stand when they become available from Warfare (or barring that I'll convert some cavalry when the time comes). I based these models individually so I can use them for Donnybrook as well. Dismounted dragoons in Beneath the Lily Banners are traditionally deployed as close order infantry with two stands. We've posted rules for small units of single based miniatures between 3-9 strong (yes my unit is ten models, deal with it) before. They will represent a forlorn hope, an advanced guard, a detachment, or in my case, dismounted dragoons. The rules are not set in stone, but briefly these detachments are counted as separate units requiring orders. They shoot as either 1 or 2 stands depending on actual numbers and get the bonus for All Musket. They take morale tests as would other units requiring support/isolation modifiers to be applied. Standard BLB battalions do not check morale if the smaller detachments are routed. If I want to field them as standard close order infantry for BLB I will simply rank them up in a tight formation. I might actually base my mounted Dragoons individually as well for Donnybrook and set them up with movement trays.

The coats were painted with one of my favorite triads - Vallejo Red (70926), Flat Red (70957), and final highlights of Scarlet (817).

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